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If you were in a park, and hear a band playing in the distance you might say "I am going to listen to the music", meaning that specific music you can hear now. In other words, go find some songs, put them on your MP3 player, and listen to them. Not just vague music in general, but THE music that is playing now. Listen to music is correct if you're going to tell someone but you're not doing it right now you can say I'm going to listen to the music. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

No, it is false; and only the context can clarify the difference between these sentence. Music is music but not any specific music; the music is specific music exactly which specific music is determined by the context.

This is the strangest theory I have heard all month, hands down. Neither of them is necessarily accompanied by dancing or changes in expression. Listen to the radio is correct. Listen to radio is wrong. Should you listen to music while doing intellectual work? It depends on the music, the task, and your personality. How prone you are to boredom plays an unexpected role. Cockroaches are evolving to become invincible They're hiding in your house, carrying germs, and now there's virtually no way to kill them. Image source: Shutterstock. Not only are German cockroaches a major health concern, but they reproduce rapidly and are notoriously difficult to eradicate.

A new study shows that their quick reproductive cycles means that they quickly develop resistances to pesticides, to the point where pesticides alone are effectively useless. The study highlights the importance of integrated pest management, such as keeping a clean house and combining different tactics to keep the critters at bay.

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Life is hard: Jordan Peterson and the nature of suffering. Personal Growth. One-third of all slavery is visible from space.

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