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What I didn't expect as I got deeper into my writing is that I would be responding to something more urgent: a distress call from people—women mostly—yearning to relieve the stress they feel; hungering to connect with something deeper and more meaningful. Everywhere I go I see a longing for simplicity but a loss of where to begin ; a desire for balance and nourishing self-care but no idea how to cultivate it. There is no time to juggle it all, let alone clear the things and thoughts that caused us to feel so overwhelmed in the first place!

The chorus of unease that I'm hearing is a series of notes that sounds a lot like this:. It's no surprise that our fast-paced lifestyles pack a wallop to the system. Technologies evolving at lightning speeds are making it possible for us to communicate as never before. We are assaulted by information all the time and have limited time to process even a fraction of it. Ironically, the very systems that are designed to simplify our lives seem to complicate them even more.

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Add the noise swirling "out there" to the internal, chaotic struggles going on within, and you get fried circuits, a constant triggering of the fight or flight response, and a cascade of stress chemicals coursing through the system. I wanted to write a book that cuts through the noise; one that could charm the part of the mind that is spinning out of control somewhere in "overwhelm La-la Land"; a book that creates the tiniest peephole of quiet, yummy spaciousness that not only expands with our awareness but can be felt—at the deepest level; a book that delivers a palpable experience of ease in one minute flat.

Whether you are a superorganized neatnik, a hopeless clutterbug, a nonstop multitasker, a cautious beginner, an experienced professional, or a curious bystander—welcome! This book is for you. Are you wearing something right now that you don't love, doesn't flatter you, or doesn't fit perfectly yes, including underwear? Do you groan or cringe every time you walk into your home or office? Do you wake up in the morning worrying about something?

Your Spacious Self

Do you feel guilty when you take time to do something for yourself? That was just the warm up. Here's what I really want to know: Did any of these questions elicit a physical sensation of any kind? An eyebrow raise? Constricted breathing? A gulp or a nervous laugh?

An impulse to cringe, manage the situation, or bolt? Were you aware of a change in your energy level? Were you aware of how the room feels? Were you aware of yourself being aware? No one would argue that most of us do too much or have more possessions than we need.

Or both. With our lives swept up in a swirl of attachments, worry, and endless, mechanical "doing," our minds become fuzzy on what stays and what goes, what matters and what doesn't. As humans, it is in our nature to experience clarity and spaciousness all the time. The problem is that we lose focus, get off balance, and forget how.

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So how do we dial it back or even begin to reduce the noise, release the stuff that doesn't serve and support us, and connect with that which makes our hearts sing? No matter how minuscule the task or effort, the fact is that clearing anything consciously and gently, as this book teaches, creates an energetic opening—a spaciousness—that will work on you slowly and surely to soften your attachments to things, beliefs, and outcomes. Whether your clutter challenge is the stuff spilling out of the closet or the noise spinning around in your head, or both, here's what I know for sure—distilled to its bare essence:.

In the end, it is not about tackling the unsightly messes, the boxes of whoknows-what mildewing in the basement, or the clothes that don't fit.

It's not about the mountain of mail, the emails that invade your inbox, or the pile of medical bills that the insurance company refuses to cover. It's not about the car that needs new tires, the crazy-ass housemate who won't turn her music down, or the neighborhood dog that barks all night. It's not about the despair you feel over the dishes that no one bothers to wash and put away, the to-do lists that get longer by the second, or the fact that you have zero time for yourself.

It's not about the hopelessness you feel, your inability to say no, or the fear of someone discovering your dark secret. It is the space between the problem and the solution where the real juice is, where the real clearing happens. And the only way to release what isn't working for you is to enter that sometimes-scary zone called feeling.

We do not need fixing. The core of our being is not broken. We humans are simply out of touch with our true selves and out of balance.

Your Spacious Self: Clear the Clutter and Discover Who You Are

Internet Explorer. In stock online. Not available in stores. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box. Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone. If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. Then go to step 5. Most of us do too much, or have more possessions than we need.

Or both.

The problem is we lose focus, get off balance, and forget how. With inspiring lessons, humorous stories, and nourishing practices in slowing down, simplifying, and self-care, longtime space clearing expert, Stephanie Bennett Vogt, shows you how to clear your home, quiet the mind, and restore your spirit, in ways that feel good and last a lifetime.

Clutter is not just the junk spilling out of the closet. It is any thing, or thought, that prevents us from experiencing our true nature and best life. Clearing is not a tedious exercise in throwing away, but a gentle journey of letting go — one small step, drawer, or moment at a time. Remember the Lone Ranger? The legendary Masked Man fought evil and stood up for the little guy. But he was generally hated by the authorities.

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